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- Introductions of nationally well-known indigenous products and tourist attractions of the “Kumamoto City Brand” -

“Handicrafts” of the Kumamoto City Brand

“Higo Zogan”
Higo Zogan
Higo zogan is the art of inlaying different metals one into another (typically gold or silver) and again into a darkly oxidized steel background. The technique was created in the Edo Period and was used to decorate Japanese sword fittings. There have been a lot of exquisite masterpieces since then. Nowadays, a technique called “Nunome Zogan” is becoming mainstream for beautiful accessories.
“Kawashiri Woodwork”
Kawashiri woodwork
Kawashiri woodwork’s wood grain is beautiful, excellent and long-lasting. Quality bathing accessories (such as small pails used when washing your body) and wine coolers are handcrafted using Japanese timber.
“Kawashiri Knives”
Kawashiri knives
Craftsmen have tenaciously kept their traditional techniques for making these knives. They cut cleanly, endure long use, and have been popular for their elegant lines.
“Ceramic Work”
Ceramic work
Climbing kilns were brought from Korea to Kumamoto City, and these lent themselves to our flourishing original ceramics and potterywork.
“Folk Toys”
Folk toys
Kumamoto has many colorful and traditional folk toys such as Higo goma (spinning tops), and Higo temari/mari (thread balls).